This is a one owner 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Convertible SBC w/4 speed manual transmission. So this Car was purchased originally in Florida by the lady that has owned it her entire life. She ordered it and had to wait 3 months for it to be built and delivered to her in 1967. It was ordered with a 283ci SBC with a 4 in the floor and rag-top as she put it. When she went to pick it up at the dealership it came with whitewall tires and she made them turn the whitewalls inside. After she was married to her husband in 1972, she was advised to go and have her name changed on the title, which she did and the car still has the title from 1972 where her name was changed to her married name. This car has has always been her car and in her possession until recently.

About this Chevelle:

This is probably one of the most solid cars that one could hope to find to do a restoration on. The car has been sitting in a climate controlled garage since it was moved to Tennessee in 1987. The car was originally purchased in Florida and stayed there until 1985 when it was transferred to Georgia for two years. Then on to the climate storage in Tn from 1987 until present. I was told that while the car was in Georgia that her husband had the motor rebuilt along with new exhaust as was the fad in the 80’s. The car has not been registered since its time in Florida, although they did drive the car from Georgia to Tn. This car sat in there garage from 1987 to present.


The interior is basically complete, but in rough condition. The convertible top is also present and works good, but the rag top has saw its better days. Although the vinyl interior and top are worn out, the rest of the interior is all there and complete. The windows are all in good condition and roll up and down very good.


The body of this 1967 Chevelle is in my opinion super solid, although not perfect. The underside of this car is in great condition with no visible rust or rot. It has been undercoated at some time, weather from factory or dealer, I am not sure but extremely solid. The trunk pan is also very solid and in unbelievable condition. The only thing that I saw in the trunk is a very very small spot where the spare tire would be and it is smaller then a dime. The body is good and solid and the doors open and close like they were new. The engine hood does have rust on it and will need to be replaced. The front left drivers fender has a dent in it and can be easily seen in pictures. The only rust that the car has is what you see in the pictures on the bottom front passenger fender and the bottom rear passenger fender. The inner fenders are still in great condition as are the rocker panels.


This Chevelle still retains its original drivetrain of the 283ci SBC with the 4 speed transmission and drum brakes on all four corners. It also still has the original suspension. This car is very original with mostly just maintenance repairs. The wheels and tires that are on the car are just rollers so the car can be moved around the shop.

What I have done to the car:

The car is still just like I found it other than what dust blew of of it on the ride to my shop. I did adjust the brakes and installed the wheels and tires so that the car would roll. I removed the spark plugs and squirted some oil in the cylinders and let it set overnight before turning the engine over to make sure it was free. Other then that I have done nothing else with the car.


This is a great One Owner 1967 Chevelle Convertible that would probably be ready to drive with a couple days of TLC. You just do not find many Classic Cars like this in this good of condition. I have went back and forth on weather I was just going to restore it or sell it and I just can not make my mind up. I have so many projects and so little time! So here it is up for sale the first time that it has ever been advertised for sale to the public. If you want an easy restoration with very minor body work and on a 1967 Chevelle Convertible to boot, then you need to take a close look at this car!!! It is not cheap, but worth ever penny!!!!






SELL PRICE $ 28,500  +  T.T.L.D


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