This is a very nice and solid 1973 Ford Mustang Convertible. This car runs and drives out very good. It is a good driver car that you could get in and drive a classic car as your daily driver or for just fun weekend cruises. I have owned this car for the past 4 years, and prior to me purchasing the Mustang, the previous owner had purchased it in 1982 and owned it for 38 years. During the last 42 years it has spent its life in Tennessee. When I first purchased this car 4 years ago I drove it on a approx. 700 mile road trip with no issues what so ever. This car is by no means perfect or a restored automobile, it is more consistent with a well maintained car as a description.


This Mustang is a real survivor car that has been maintained throughout most of its life. It has a very good appearance while sitting parked or cruising down the road. It is lots of fun to get in, and hit the power top button, and take of cruising down the road with the wind in your hair and freedom in your face. This car is classic enough to catch attention as you cruise down the road, but still in the year where it came with the amenities that make it comfortable and safe to drive.


The interior of this mustang is still its original interior to the best of my knowledge. The interior is in overall very good condition. The seats are all in good condition with No tears or ripping. The carpet is still in good condition and looks good, but does have some fading as one would expect. The door panels are in pretty good condition although both the drivers and passenger door panels have some cracking at the armrest area and has had some tape installed to control the cracking. It would look much better if the tape was removed and the area repaired. This can be seen in the pictures of the interior. The convertible top is in very good condition and appears to have been replaced sometime in the past. The convertible top goes up and down and works as it is suppose to. It does have a top cover for when the top is down, but I have never used it. The rubber between the back and front windows are worn and could use replacing if that would really matter to the new owner. It really hasn’t affected me as I do not drive it in the rain. I did notice that the fan blower did not come on as I was trying things when I was taking pictures, so this means that the heat and AC does not function. I had never tried either one of them since I have owned it, as I drove it with the top down 99% of the time that I have driven it. Overall, the interior is in good comfortable condition, but there is some work that could be done to make it better.


The exterior of this 1973 Ford Mustang is in very good driver condition. It is not perfect or a show car, but it is a good looking car that you can be proud to go to cruise ins and drive to local car shows. It has had a repaint sometime in its 51 year lifespan. The paint is still in pretty good condition and looks good but it does have some imperfections. I tried to show them in the pictures, but they just will not show up clearly, mostly due to the size and appearance of the imperfections. You can blow the pictures up on the trunk and hood and see what I am referencing to imperfections. They are by no means major issues for a driver condition car, but I want to be clear and upfront for all the uninformed lookers. The underneath of this car is also in good condition. It is solid with only surface rust, as you can see in the attached video. The trunk is mostly solid, but I did notice a few pin holes on the drivers side. Nothing that would require replacing, but it does have some minor rust starting. Other then the minor pin holes the rest of the trunk appears to be good. As stated in the interior section, the exterior convertible top is in very good condition and goes up and down correctly. The car still maintains its factory wheels and caps. I had the white stripe painted on the car, just because I thought it would look better then just a plain brown car, and in my opinion, it does look much better. So overall on the exterior of this car it is a good driver and presents itself very good, but is not perfect.


This 1973 Ford Mustang still maintains its original drivetrain to the best of my knowledge. The engine is a 302ci SBF with a 3 speed automatic transmission. It did also come with power disc brakes. This car starts right up and sounds good. It drives down the road very good. It is a fun car to drive and enjoy.


This 1973 Ford Mustang Convertible is a great car to enjoy and go to local cruise ins and have fun with other local auto enthusiasts. It would be a great car for the person who is just deciding on a classic car to get started with or even that person who has loved classic autos all their life. This is not a car that would require a complete restoration, but still has a few imperfections that with a little TLC, you could make it part of the family.






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