What we have here is a nicely kept 70’s era classic car. This 1976 Malibu still retains a lot of its originality. It still has its original drivetrain which runs and drives out very good. It still retains the original color and half vinyl top. It also still retains its original single exhaust and catalytic converter. Along with the originality it still has the original straight bench front seat and original dash and gauges (Radio missing). This is a very nice and inexpensive hot rod and the 70’s are coming on strong. You just do not see many of these Chevrolet Malibu’s that are still on the road and are in decent condition. With just a little TLC this could be a exceptional hot rod and the best thing about it is you can enjoy it as you make your personal adjustments to it.

EXTERIOR: The exterior of this Chevrolet Malibu looks very good. It has been painted and the paint job looks pretty good for and inexpensive paint job and for the value of this car, but it is not a show car paint job! The body also appears to be in rather good condition and appears to be good and mostly solid, although it does have some imperfections and areas that have been repaired and some small bubbling in places. I have taken pictures of the areas of imperfections, but they are small and do not show up very good. The vinyl top is in pretty good condition, but as is the rest of the car it is not perfect. The chrome on the car is in good condition and presents itself good, but there is some pitting in the pieces around tail lights and such. Overall the exterior of this car looks good and presents itself very good weather you are 5 feet away or 10 feet away, it is a nice entry level classic car and presents itself in that manner.

INTERIOR: The interior of this car is in very good condition. It has been redone in the past with vinyl and looks and sits very good. The door panels are the original and was dyed when the interior was redone and they have some peeling and could use to be redied. They are still in very good condition with no cracking or such, just needs touched up. The headliner is also in good condition. The windows roll up and down as they should. Everything appears to work as as it should with the exception of the A/C and the compressor has been removed. Over all the interior looks very good and presents itself very well.

DRIVETRAIN: This Malibu still has its original drivetrain that consists of the SBC 350ci engine and Automatic Transmission. This car starts up every time, even after it sits for a while. It runs and drives out very good. The engine sounds good and does not appear to smoke or have any negative noises. The transmission shifts as it should and the rear end appears to be good and has no negative noises coming form it.

SANOPSIS: This is a great inexpensive Classic Car. The 1970’s vehicles have really come into focus as of the past few years and you just do not see a lot of this era Malibu’s out and about. It is a good way to get into the hobby without breaking the bank. The car looks very good and runs out very good. Most classic cars paint jobs cost more then you can buy this car for. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 931-265-6136.


MILES –  19,595



STOCK # 574101


SELL PRICE $12,500.  +  T.T.L.


CALL/TEXT 931-265-6136

OFFICE 931-528-0101