1950s Animated Clown Head

1950s Animated Clown Head

These are another Rare Item. You can look the web over and good luck finding any like these 2 clown heads. These are Fiberglass Clown Faces that would hang outside of a Dark House and would scream at passersby’s to get their attention. There eyes and mouth are moveable. One of the Clown Faces still has the motor and workings to make the eyes and mouth animated.  They have not been cleaned since I discovered them and brought them from the storage grave. They both are in very good condition considering there age. There is some cracking on one of them but nothing major. They measure  46″ tall and 48″ wide.  These are just a cool piece of history that you just don’t find anymore. The color is still good on both of the Clown Faces.


Sell price is    $2,750  Each


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